Convert your present contact management or customer relationship management system to LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ to enjoy exceptional functionality at an affordable investment.

Converting to the LPH Cloud based Suite CRM program allows permitted access anywhere from the web or mobile devices.
With LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ you can:

affordable CRM

Convert ACT™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer ACT™ to SuiteCRM™

CRM experts

Convert Goldmine™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer Goldmine™ to SuiteCRM™

transer salesforce to shitecrm
Convert Salesforce™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer Salesforce™ to SuiteCRM™
convert MS Outlook to SuiteCRM
Convert MS Outlook™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer MS Outlook™ to SuiteCRM™
customized CRM

Convert Microsoft Dynamics™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer Microsoft Dynamics™ to SuiteCRM™

customized SuiteCRM

Convert MS Access™ to SuiteCRM™
Transfer MS Access™ to SuiteCRM™

If you want to transfer ACT, Goldmine, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, MS Outlook or MS Access to SuiteCRM you have options.


LPH is able to convert and import Salesforce, ACT, Goldmine, Microsoft Dynamics, MS Outlook or MS Access data into SuiteCRM providing a smooth transition. If you wish to do the export/import process in house LPH will supply a tutorial with screenshots walking you through the steps.

LPH has an effective process for Importing client data that is part of the affordable setup investment..