LPH Cloud based SuiteCRM™ provides excellent marketing capabilities including Outbound Marketing campaigns with tracking and statistics. The excellent feedback gives the user the ability to tweak the Marketing campaign to get higher open and click thru rates.

Setting up a Marketing Campaign with LPH SuiteCRM is a simple as:

1. Creating an email, inserting mail merge fields and links and than saving the email as a template.
2. Creating a Target List of the Contacts you wish to connect with the using the Campaign.

3. Add tracking to the Campaign
4. Linking the Target List and the template in the Campaign
5. Executing the Campaign with a few mouse clicks

LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ marketing capabilities include:

Sophisticated Sales Campaign Capabilities

  • Create an email template with full mail merge functions

  • Add links with tracking to email link

  • Select the target list for the email campaign


Campaign Feedback & Statistics

  • Access the Campaign and a series of data points are available for  

Sales Campaign Target Lists

  • Create a Target List of contacts for a Campaign

  • Reuse/Edit the Target List for additional Campaigns

  • Create a subset Target List to test a Campaign

Emails read and sent

  • Select the user and date range. Report has:


6. Sales Campaigns and Newsletters have tracking information providing real time feedback on the effectiveness of all your customer communications.
7. Armed with tracking feedback on opened email percentages the effectiveness of the email template subject line can be accessed
8. The subject line can be amended if needed prior to continuing the campaign with additional contacts.
9. An analysis of the click thru rates will provide insight into how effective the email campaign is.

This closed loop approach allows you to execute a Campaign, evaluate the open email & click thru rates, modify the Campaign based on the tracking feedback and repeat the process with the next group on contacts. Each time a Campaign is executed a better result can be had by making adjustments based on the SuiteCRM tracking feedback.

LPH Customized SuiteCRM provides your business with effective marketing tools with tracking data. All Campaign  emails are recorded to each contact's account.