LPH SuiteCRM™ is the best CRM solution for any sized business
Cloud based Suite CRM

Hosted on our secure servers, the LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ system allows access from the Web or any mobile device. We've customized the best CRM program–SuiteCRM™–making this business CRM system a comprehensive Salesforce™ alternative. Starting with the SuiteCRM™ program, we add, modify, and delete fields while altering layouts to provide the most efficient operating environment for your business requirements.

Each LPH Cloud based SuiteCRM™ system is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company's  products and services.

LPH Customized Cloud based SuiteCRM™ Plans - comparable to Salesforce Enterprise that costs $150.00 per user per month and MS Dynamics with installed modules in the same price range.

# of Users Price per User/per Month Monthly Investment Total*
5 $49.50$247.50
15$34.50 $517.50
50+ Contact LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ Solutions for Investment

Setting up LPH cloud based SuiteCRM™ is a one time $950.00 investment, which includes customization of all data fields and layouts and also importing your customer database.

hosted customized CRM

Easy-to-follow step-by-step on-line CRM tutorials with screen shots are provided for staff access.

At the conclusion of the CRM training, managers can Add and/or Edit:
  1. Roles and Users
  2. New clients and client data
  3. Target Lists, Campaigns and  Email templates
  4. Reports
Best CRM,Customized CRM

At the conclusion of the on-line CRM training, your staff will know how to use the LPH custom SuiteCRM™ system to effectively manage their activities.

At the conclusion of the training, users can Add and/or Edit:
  1. New clients and client data
  2. Target Lists, Campaigns and  Email templates
  3. Reports


You are invited to call us at 949-497-8716 to set up an appointment for an on-line demo of LPH customized SuiteCRM™ .

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