LPH SuiteCRM Customization Opportunities

To have the S SuiteCRM system to conform with your business requirements, LPH customizes your SuiteCRM instance. This includes adding or deleting fields, including pull down fields (boxed in red below).

The goal is to make your selling & support processes as efficient as possible.

LPH will eliminate fields are not needed to provide a clean desktop
LPH will create additional fields that are needed to make the system fit your business requirements

Fields can be added/deleted and moved for every module ; e.g. Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc.

When a new field is required LPH will create it and deploy it to the Module (s) layout that you request. Data inputted in a specific field in one Module (e.g. Leads Module) is available in all other Modules as long as the field is included in the Module layout. 

Module Examples:
The Lead input screen is illustrated below. Notice the Lead Status Dropdown Field  (boxed in
red below)
Additional/edited drop down selections can be added. This will provide the Lead's status will viewing the Lead and allow searching for all
Leads that meet the search criteria.

SuiteCRM pull down menu customization

The Lead Search screen is shown below. LPH will add the fields you want to use as search criteria.

Contact Overview Input screen. Salutations can be added/deleted/edited. Fields can be  added/deleted/edited.

The customization options are similar for all SuiteCRM modules. LPH will customized the fields and layout to make your sales and support processes as efficient as possible. Adding additional functionality or plugins isn't included in customization.Contact us today to have the LPH CRM customization experts configure a system that meets your requirements.