LPH Customized CRM built on a SuiteCRM™ platform is the best
affordable Salesforce™ and MS Dynamics™ alternative

affordable salesforce alternative

SuiteCRM vs Salesforce & Ms dynamics -An Affordable Salesforce™ Alternative and An Affordable Dynamics ™ Alternative

Award-winning SuiteCRM™ is considered one of the top three CRM Applications in the world. Recognized for its ease-of-use and flexibility, LPH provides this powerful CRM system, customized to your exact requirments, that is a must for any business that wants to effectively manage customer relationships.

An Affordable Customized Customer Relationship Management System

With LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ solutions, you have a Cloud based CRM system with similar features to Salesforce™ Enterprise. LPH Customized SuiteCRM™ includes Campaigns, Mass Emails, and Role Permissions– matching the capabilities available in Salesforce™ Enterprise and MS Dynamics™ with vanced costly modules at less than 25% of their cost. And your instance of LPH SuiteCRM is fully customized to meet your requirements.

The following chart uses actual Salesforce™ Enterprise & MS Dynamics™ basic numbers for comparison of SuiteCRM ™.

Salesforce™ Enterprise & MS Dynamics™

Salesforce™ Enterprise has a $165 per seat per month cost–no matter how many users you have.

10 users with Salesforce™ Enterprise is $1,650 per month.

Customization can be a challenge and very expensive.

MS Dynamics™ basic has a price range of $50.00 to $95.00 per user per month.

As functionality is added the price per user can approach $200.00 per month

Best CRM using a Customized SuiteCRM™ Platform

LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ has a $39.50 per seat per month cost for 10 users and the numbers go down as the # of users increases.

10 users with LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ is $395 per month–saving you $15,060 per year.

Customization is easy- just tell us what you need.

A MS Dynamics™CRM system with 10 users can cost between $850.00 and near $2,000.00. Having LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ can save your business between $455.00 and $1,600.00 per month

Saving between $5,460.00 and $16,000.00 annualy

AND the LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ program is truly a custom CRM program. We start with SuiteCRM™ and add, modify, and delete fields to provide you with the most efficient operation environment for your specific business requirements.LPH's CRM experts provide the best CRM which is also affordable CRM that is easy to use AND has full functionality.

LPH's business CRM team works with you to ensure your customized CRM system is structured so your associates operate with the best CRM to very efficiently achieve your business goals. If you are presently using Salesforce™ Enterprise or MS Dynamics™, LPH can import your Salesforce™ Enterprise or MS Dynamics™ database assuring a smooth transition to LPH customized CRM.

Don't delay. Set up an appointment today for an on-line free CRM demo of LPH Customized CRM and let us show you how this award winning business CRM program can increase your business productivity. CALL US (949) 487-8716 Today!