Why is LPH Customized CRM built on the SuiteCRM™ platform the best affordable small business CRM system? LPH customizes your CRM to your EXACT requirements. Your customized CRM is based on open source CRM software which makes your CRM completely portable. You own and have access to all your data and customizations.
Customized hosted CRM

Considered one of the top three Customer Relationship Management  Applications in the world, award-winning SugarCRM™ supercharged by SuiteCRM™ is recognized for its ease-of-use and flexibility. This powerful web based small business CRM System is a must for any business that wants to effectively manage customer relationships.

To maximize the program’s capabilities, LPH customizes SuiteCRM™ to fit your
specific requirements and operating environment.
You are provided with
a CRM system that makes the sales and support activities at your business
more effective.

The Affordable Salesforce Alternative
LPH Affordable Hosted SuiteCRM™


 Customized for your business hosted CRM system for less than $45.00
per week for five users.


As your business expands and more users are added, the cost per user
decreases. Users may be added for less than a $1.00 a day–sales and support
staff are more productive and customer relationships improved. LPH configures
our CRM to meet your exact requirements. LPH provides online CRM
documentation with easy to follow tutorials with screenshots.

The LPH online training will have your staff in a productive mode from day one.

Contact LPH CRM now to increase customer satisfaction and company profits.

cheaper than Salesforce Reporting & Analysis Contact Management Work Flow & Pipeline Management Improved Management & Profits Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Customer Service Management

Custom Hosted CRM that matches your requirements

LPH has provided web based solutions for small and medium sized businesses since 1998. LPH Solutions provides custom SuiteCRM™ to fit your business operating environment.
LPH's CRM experts customize SuiteCRM™ to provide an affordable hosted CRM system –that is easy to use AND has full functionality. Our CRM experts work to ensure your hosted CRM system is structured so associates operate most efficiently to achieve business goals. LPH custom SuiteCRM™ enhances control over the sales cycle, keeping sales staff on top of all opportunities while keeping sales management in the loop.

LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ -  Perfect Fit because it’s Customized for Your Company

The LPH CRM customization team starts with the SuiteCRM program and then adds, modifies, or deletes fields and alters page layouts. This provides your business with the most effective operating environment for your specific needs. Besides creating the layouts that work best for your company with only fields necessary for optimum customer contact your company terminology for various sales stages is incorpoarted. In short, providing your sales force and support staff with tools to effectively manage their contacts and focus on revenue generating activities. You don’t have to be an expert in customizing SuiteCRM. Just tell us what you want and we deliver a customized hosted CRM designed for your environment.

Custom SuiteCRM™ Solutions Solutions at an Affordable Price

No other CRM system gives the overall features and benefits of LPH Custom SuiteCRM™ at an affordable investment:

  • Cloud-Based—access LPH SuiteCRM™ from any web or mobile device

  • Contact Management—contact lists are customized to include on fields relevant to YOUR business

  • Project/Task Management—all activities are posted with access available only to those assigned

  • Sales Opportunities—pipelines are generated, projected sales are visible and updated in real time

  • SuiteCRM Plugins — numerous SuiteCRM Plugins are available  - SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin & SuiteCRM Word Plugin

  • Email/Media Campaigns—CRM campaigns with tracking providing real time feedback on marketing communications

  • A Comprehensive Set of Standard Reports—User, Activity, Closed Deals, Opportunity Detail, Pipeline by Stage are all standard  issue

  • Management Oversight— real time information management providing with an excellent oversight tool

With LPH Customized CRM you can focus on managing your business and increasing revenues. After a small investment for customization, set up, customer database import and online training, Our fully customized plans start at about $40.00 per week for five users.

LPH Solutions is pleased to schedule an on-line free CRM demo of our customized hosted CRM systems. You will learn how LPH can design a customized CRM instance to meet the EXACT needs of your business.